Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Lorenza Fontana

Lorenza Fontana is a political scientist with expertise in conflict, social movements and ethnic politics in the Andean region. She is Senior Lecturer in International Politics at the University of Glasgow, UK. She is the project’s coordinator and principal investigator.

Caleb Johnston

Caleb Johnston is a human geographer whose work examines political economies of care, migration, and creative geographies. He has a long history in research-derived performance, with projects presented and toured internationally. His work includes the use of Forum Theatre to generate a space for physical dialogue and a more vulnerable democratic politics.

Alastair Cole

Alastair Cole is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and practice-based researcher, whose previous films have screened extensively internationally in festivals, cinemas and broadcast. He has worked with rural indigenous communities on topics such as multilingual education and traditional livelihoods. He is Lecturer in film studies at Newcastle University and one of the project’s co-investigators.

Johan Oldekop

Johan Oldekop is an environmental social scientist with experience working with rural communities in Ecuador, Brazil and Nepal. He is Senior Lecturer in Environment & Development at the University of Manchester and one of the project’s co-investigators.

Sonia Holman

Holman is an economist, specialised in economic policy and agricultural development. Facilitator of projects in Ciudadanía, in the area of environmental citizenship and rural territorial development. She is the project’s research assistant.

Daniel Moreno

Daniel E. Moreno Morales is a Bolivian sociologist with a PhD in Political Science from Vanderbilt University. He is researcher and former Director at Ciudadanía. Daniel works mainly on public opinion, producing and analyzing survey data and qualitative information. He is invited Professor at different Bolivian universities and affiliated researcher at the TRANDES network.

Meliza Ribera

Meliza is the project research assistant in the Chiquitania region. Bio to come.

Pablo Urquiri

Pablo Urquidi Reyes obtained his bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the Bolivian Catholic University “San Pablo” in Cochabamba and worked as a research assistant at Ciudadanía. Currently, he is in Paris continuing his academic training as a young professional in the social sciences.

Angelo Miramonti

Angelo Miramonti is a Professor of Community Theatre at the Fine Arts Institute in Cali, Colombia, and an experienced Forum Theatre practitioner. He has 15-year experience facilitating participatory theatre processes in conflict and post-conflict scenarios in Colombia, Haiti, and Senegal.

Max Hirzel

Max Hirzel is a free-lance photojournalist based in Italy. His works have been published in magazines such as 6Mois, Polka magazine, Der Spiegel, The Guardian, Al Jazeera, BBC online, Il Venerdì di Repubblica, Internazionale, Sportweek, among others.

Miguel Hilari

Miguel Hilari is a documentary maker. His films portray migrations, indigenous history and culture. They have been screened at several national and international festivals. He is also a university professor and leads film workshops in schools. He lives in La Paz, Bolivia.

Marcelo Guzman

Researcher, archivist and documentarist trained in History at the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, La Paz (Bolivia). In 2013 he completed a specialised diploma in Creative Documentary at the Universidad del Valle, Cali (Colombia), where he produced the short film Carpintero, el viejo lantern.

Ernst Drawert

Ernst is a documentary maker. He led and was part of social and environmental projects in Colombia and Bolivia, He is currently a content producer for Red Ambiental de Información and director of Barfuss, a producer of environmental contents.